Aylsham Roman Project

                                                    ‘Getting the Community into Holes’

At our October meeting we welcomed Sheila Denny and Peter Purdy from the Aylsham Roman Project.  Their talk commenced with a video showing an aerial view of this site, next to Woodgate Nursery in Aylsham. The talk was accompanied by slides.
Why did the Romans like Aylsham?  It is very near Brampton which is a well know Roman site and, in those times, barges could reach Aylsham by the river Bure. Peter had found Roman remains in his garden over a number of years, so he wanted to know more.  Before the digging started a geophysical survey of the site was carried out (remember Time Team?).   
Whist this is a community project, professional archaeologists, Britannia Archaeology, Bradford University, and other specialists are involved, and advised where and how to dig.  The Romans had ditches to define their boundaries. Even today the change in colour between the ‘normal’ soil and a ditch is very clear.
The most exciting discovery to date has been the remains a large kiln dating 50AD to 250AD. This the largest found in England.
Out of a total of 60,000 finds, 30,000 are pieces of pottery.  All finds are washed and the exact location of the find recorded.
A massive droveway went through the site and the remains of a pony were discovered it was as if the animal had died on the road and been buried where it fell.  
The subtitle of ‘Getting the Community into Holes’ is recognising that this is a community project. The community raises the money, holds events, gives talks and works at the digs.  
The next dig should be in August 2022 and if you wish to dig, wash finds or just watch other people doing this, you will be very welcome to visit the site. For more information see https://aylshamromanproject.com

Our December meeting is on Thursday 2nd December  at 7.00pm. -‘A Merry Christmas to you All’  with Juyna Lewis and Christmas refreshments.
New members always welcome. We normally meet on the 3rd Thursday of the month. Come along or contact barryleggett30@gmail.com



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Thursday, 21 October, 2021 - 19:30
Shelia and Peter