List of publications and documents available for research


The Registers, monuments, and other miscellaneous records of St Margaret’s Church – by Dr George Goulty

Baptisms 1688-1812, Burials 1691-1851, Marriages 1695-1752, Baptisms 1813-1841, Marriages 1754-1841, Banns of marriage 1754-1841

Extracts from Dr George Goulty’s book

Census 1841,1851,1861,1881

Register of electors 1832-3 - Based on notes from W R English (Former Head of Old Catton School) 

Register of Electors 1835 - Based on notes from W R English (Former Head of Old Catton School) 

Register of Electors  1956-1957

Register of Electors  1965-1966

Air photos 1946 and 1962 - B/W  not high quality

Chronological history of the war memorial – by John Henry & Mary Jary  

Extract from The Northrepps Grandchildren by verily Anderson 1968

Copy of sale particulars 1878 - Beechwood

List of Vicars and biographical notes - Rev Noel Boston and W R English, dated 1941

Details of Graves/memorials in Old Catton Churchyard

Catton a developing Parish 1850-1900 – dissertation by Jean Vincent as part of Diploma in English Local History  

List of Buildings of Special Architectural or Historic Interest  - Department of the Environment, District of Broadland

A Social and Economic History of Catton, Norfolk 1851-1871  - by W. K. Moore

Old  Catton – by Walter P High

Old Catton and WWI

Woodland Drive - Prefabs after WWII

Old Catton School -

Notes from research for Historic House of Old Catton    

Old Catton Conservation Area 1986

Catton Park Development Proposal - A E Buxton, 1980s

John Lindley’s Family - John Lindley, a famous botanist, lived at the Grey House

Anna Sewell’s County - Style Associates 1990

Old Catton Remembers WWI – by Old Catton Branch of the Royal British Legion

Photos – Old Catton in 1997  - 3 Volumes

 History of the Parish of Catton 1919 – by W Rye

Catton School during the time of Blanche Pye - Old Catton Society 1999

Old Catton Society – first 25  years by George Jeffries 2008

Old Catton Parish Magazine        

        June 1929, May/1935. Sept/1939,Feb/1947, Oct/1947, Aug/1949, Oct/1949, Nov/1949, June/1950, July 1950, Aug/1950, , Sept/1950, Nov/1950, Dec/1950,   May/1957, March/1962